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First ever 10,000 watts sound at Solu
6 April 2007-Friday
-Preity Acharya

The magnificent mountainous region, Solu for the first time experienced the 10,000 watts of sound and DJ session by DJ Tenzing. It was also most probably the first ever such a live concert for the place. Some days ago on Chaitra 17th Saturday, some music artists were there to perform live at the "Solu Sangitik Utsav" and that too, for a cause. Pooja Rai, Avinash Ghising, Roj Moktan, Mingma Sherpa along with Narad Khatiwada was there to perform their best for the health and educational improvement of the place.

The program was organized as a charity for the health and educational improvement of the people of Solu. All the artists were there to perform for free. The ticket rates for the show was Rs 1000, Rs 500 and Rs 100. The music artists performed for around 4 hours from 2-6 and from 6- 10, the DJ Tenzing took hold of the program with his music.

DJ Tenzing says that the crowd enjoyed almost all kind of music from Nepali remixes to Hindi and R&B beats as well. According to him, "we also see the prospect for commercial programs there. In fact, we are planning for a dance party at the Everest highest point. Let's see what happens. We are talking about it right now."

Waw, isn't that interesting! Nobody would like to miss that, isn't it? This would add to another list of "first".

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